Judy Friend, consultant, motivator, and trainer supports companies and employees by helping them to realize their full potential, through consultative workshops, training and strategic design. Her unique approach helps ignite the WOW within each individual and teaches them how to use that passion to create significant success in their work, their personal lives and their community.


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"When we needed a fresh look at how we interviewed prospective employees, we found Judy Friend clearly understood our needs, providing us with easy and useful techniques’ that moved our hiring process into a whole new realm. Her personal approach and friendly attitude made it very easy to listen and utilize her recommendations. Clearly Judy understands the importance of listening first before tailoring her expertise to the individuals needs. Judy was the logical choice when we found we needed further development in our review process. We were surprised to learn how much opportunities we were missing in developing and motivating our own staff. By utilizing several of the ideas tailored to our situation by Crestar Consulting, we found a gold mine of talent right under our own noses in our existing staff. To think we may have looked outside our organization having to go through the hiring and training process all over again, made us glad we decided to bring our challenges back to someone who could help us see outside our own box."

Tom M.

Customer Care Manager, CharterInc, Lynchburg, VA

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