Judy Friend, consultant, motivator, and trainer supports companies and employees by helping them to realize their full potential, through consultative workshops, training and strategic design. Her unique approach helps ignite the WOW within each individual and teaches them how to use that passion to create significant success in their work, their personal lives and their community.


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Crestar Consulting’s Corporate Unique System

Are you experiencing synergy of your mission, your strategy, and your vision?  If not, why not?

“It’s not a goal to be the best; it’s an understanding to find what you can be best at."

Author unknown

FACT: Many surveyed employees cannot articulate the corporate vision as it is intended.
FACT: There is an epidemic of companies struggling to align their vision throughout the organization with frustrating and inadequate results. 
FACT: For many companies, the Mission and Vision are more of a static statement hanging on a board room wall, than a living and breathing culture! 
FACT: Many executive teams are working hard to align the company vision however gaps continue to exist between shareholder, employee and customer interpretation.  
FACT: The Corporate Unique System will navigate you through a process where the end result will help your employees have clarity, bring more desired results and align company vision!

Employees Need To Feel Connected!

Too many surveyed employees admit that they do not feel connected and as a result, training and development sessions become an “event” and not a learning experience. Valuable training dollars are wasted.

Analysis of Corporation operations and current culture has revealed the following as some of the root causes: 

  • Corporate Vision Alignment is missing in action!
  • Many in leadership roles “preach” culture with minimal if any modeling.   
  • The cost to keep employees motivated and maintaining an unprecedented sense of TEAM seems at times to be inequitable so intentional motivation and training is abandoned. 
  • Too many leaders don’t fully understand the culture that presently exists or the uniqueness therein.
  • Companies are busy doing a lot of “right” things, but not necessarily doing them “right”.

Daily Vision Casting is an absolute in order to integrate the following:

  • Developing Leaders
  • Intentional Communication
  • Duplicatable Processes
  • Compelling Environment
  • Conscious Culture

There is a solution!

The Corporate Unique System

Developing the M.O.S.T with your company will achieve alignment and attunement.

M.O.S.T. Graphic

Think about how your leaders would answer these questions. These are only a sampling of the discoveries we will embark on when we work together. The answers will help you to cast the appropriate vision nets and will lead to a fresh articulation of your mission.

  • Who is (corporate name) and what is (corporate name) to do?
  • Who if anyone does (corporate name) pretend to be?
  • (Corporate name) exists to____________________________?
  • What are the resources you need in order to accomplish all that you are to do?
  • When you think about where your company is now, is this all there is?  If not, what else is there?
  • What things if we don’t address now, will hold us back from accomplishing our mission in the next 1-3 years?
  • Could your customers list your core values without ever seeing them in print?

With the Corporate Unique System, Crestar Consulting journeys “in” with you to discover 3 basic things:

  • The “Unique” Corporate Potential
  • The “Unique” Local Predicament
  • The “Unique” Drive

Once we discover these critical corporate concepts, we then learn how to break down the complexity into the simplicity. 

The result is a company-wide culture that is in alignment with your mission and vision!

Training and development brings lasting results, a reduction in wasted resources and an increase in bottom line.

The initiative taken with Crestar Consulting will stretch and grow you in amazing ways, both as individuals and as a company.

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