Judy Friend, consultant, motivator, and trainer supports companies and employees by helping them to realize their full potential, through consultative workshops, training and strategic design. Her unique approach helps ignite the WOW within each individual and teaches them how to use that passion to create significant success in their work, their personal lives and their community.


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What Clients Say About Judy Friend

"Judy’s training is innovative and creative..." {read more}

Judy V.
1st Vice President/Retail Strategy - Danversbank

"...her presentations are professionally delivered." {read more}

Donna R.
Sr. Vice President Human Resources & Training, Digital Federal Credit Union

"...the bank could not have done it without you." {read more}

Donna D.
Customer Support Supervisor, Danversbank

"I think you have passion in the classroom, teach techniques that are applicable, comfort the audience and have a natural instinct when consulting with a business."

Michele R.
Certified Personal Trainer - ACE, American Council on Exercise, Consultant

"Judy was the logical choice when we found we needed further development..." {read more}

Tom M.
Customer Care Manager, CharterInc, Lynchburg, VA